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"Club 16 is a great, beautifully renovated home in the center of Fontainebleau. Living in town means grocery shopping, restaurants, etc are all within a few minutes walking distance, and INSEAD is about a 10 minute walk. The house has great character, lovely common rooms to hang out with housemates, and all the rooms are well furnished"


"The time in Club 16 was really good! As we were the first to move in after massive renovation of the house, we enjoyed a memorable experience with a very nice mix of other students in a great house. Super centrally located (right next to the chateau of Fontainebleau) and not far from the school. Do not hesitate to book your room here."

Paola & Christian

"Club 16 is a great house with 16 rooms, great service, a lovely and very helpful landlord. The house is just 10 mn walking distance from campus and is located in the center of Fontainebleau next to all restaurants and shops. I really recommend the house. It's worth the price."

Antony Cohen-Skalli

"Club 16 offers great convenience for the INSEAD student, being very closely located to Campus in downtown Fonty. The location offers many advantages including a fifteen minute walk to class, accessibility to (all) that Fontainebleau offers, hassle-free living (wireless internet throughout the house, all utilities included in your once-monthly rent payment), and a fully equipped room and house that meets all the requirements of a student living in Fontainebleau. The landlady is almost always accessible to tend the needs of the tenants and any maintenance requests or requests for amenities are always met very promptly. The best thing however about Club 16 is meeting all your housemates - a bond is quickly formed and friendships cemented through life in the house."

Layal Bulbul

"Club16 was definitely the highlight of my 6 months spent in Fontainebleau and at INSEAD. Friends made for a lifetime, unforgettable parties and simply the fun and convenience of being right in the centre of town with everything just a couple of minutes walk away. I will surely miss staying at Club16 and if you are still hesitating I would definitely recommend it to ensure you have a quintessentially INSEAD experience!"

Lev Kundin

"Sylvie is a great landlady, very responsive and attentive. The house is very well-located, close to shops, restaurants and just a 10-12 minute walk from school. Very lively with 15 housemates! The rooms are exactly as you see in the pictures, and the maids do a good job cleaning the house once a week. Highly recommend it."


"Club 16 is in the best location in town because it is close to both INSEAD campus and the town center at the same time. It takes approximately 12 minutes to walk to campus and less than 5 minutes to everything in the town center. The experience of living with 15 INSEADers is not to be missed and the landlady is very responsive and helpful. I recommend this house to anyone coming to INSEAD!"


"Club 16 is the best place to live in Fonty unless you're short on cash or have a car (then it's better to live outside Fonty)!
Price includes room service (like any other here, cleaning every week), modern nice furniture, all utilities charges and unlimited Iternet access (which is normally monthly EUR 50 + one-off connection/disconnection charge and takes a lot of time to install since you need to open a bank account first which is 1 week then wait for ADSL modem to reach you by mail which takes one week). Club 16 is just 5 minutes away from campus, 1 minute away from the city centre with all bars/restaurants (30 seconds away from the "Shaker" bar where INSEAD students party) and 2 minutes away from Monoprix supermarket. By the way you're saving some money by going to Club 16 as there you rent directly from the houseowner and do not pay any real estate agency fees (which are normally EUR 250)."


"Club 16 is a great house complete with a great landlord. Shops are right outside your door and school is just a 10 min walk away. There is plenty of space for you and your 15 new housemates - a unique INSEAD experience!"

Lindsey Hamilton


"Club 16 is a great place very well located, walking distance from INSEAD and a step away to the market and restaurants. The house is well furnished, the landlord is very friendly and willing to help.
Living with 15 other housemates is a unique experience, you will have a lot of fun and build life-long relationships."

Emile Salhab

"If you are looking for a complete peace of mind experience, Club 16 is the right house for you. All utilities are included in the rent, with Wifi access and weekly cleaning. The house was recently renovated, the landlord is extremely helpful and the cleaning staff is amazing and will even do your laundry for a small fee. Additionally, Club 16 is very close to campus, to all the shops in Fontainebleau, to the Chateau, the large public parking lot and more. It has hosted great parties and dinners where many of us were part of a very special family. I stayed in Room 1, which has its private bathroom and I highly recommend it."

Rafael Russo

"I stayed at Club 16 for six months from Jan-08 to July-08 and absolutely loved it. Location was really convenient for both walking to school and shops/restaurants in town. Made it possible for me to live in Fonty without having a car. The house itself is recently renovated, so it's quite nice relative to other students' accomodations that I've seen. Rooms are slightly smaller though. Good balance of privacy and social life - I had my own bedroom & bathroom, and hung out with housemates quite a lot. Lots of common spaces (2 dining rooms, 2 sitting rooms, 3 kitchens, 2 terraces) so it never felt crazy or cramped. Club 16 is certainly pricier than living by yourself in Fonty, or living in surrounding villages. But savings from not keeping a car more than compensates for the difference. And I loved my housemates. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Phoenix KALEN